Synonyms and related words:
absolve, account for, acquit, amnesty, clear, condone, cry sour grapes, decontaminate, destigmatize, discharge, dismiss, dispense from, do justice to, excuse, exempt, exempt from, exonerate, explain, forgive, free, give absolution, grant amnesty to, grant forgiveness, grant immunity, grant remission, justify, let go, let off, nonpros, pardon, purge, quash the charge, rationalize, rehabilitate, reinstate, release, remit, restore, set free, shrive, spare, vindicate, warrant, whitewash, withdraw the charge

Moby Thesaurus. . 1996.


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  • exculpate — ex·cul·pate / ek skəl ˌpāt, ek skəl / vt pat·ed, pat·ing [Medieval Latin exculpare, from Latin ex out of + culpa blame]: to clear from alleged fault or guilt a statement...offered to exculpate the accused is not admissible unless corroborating… …   Law dictionary

  • exculpate — exculpate, absolve, exonerate, acquit, vindicate mean to free from a charge or burden. Exculpate implies simply a clearing from blame, often in a matter of small importance {exculpate oneself from a charge of inconsistency} {directly Harding was… …   New Dictionary of Synonyms

  • Exculpate — Ex*cul pate, v. t. [imp. & p. p. {Exculpated}, p. pr. & vb. n.. {Exculpating} (?).] [L. ex out + culpatus, p. p. of culpare to find fault with, to blame, culpa fault. See {Culpable}.] To clear from alleged fault or guilt; to prove to be… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • exculpate — 1650s, from M.L. exculpatus, pp. of exculpare, from L. ex culpa, from ex from + culpa abl. of culpa blame. Related: Exculpated; exculpating …   Etymology dictionary

  • exculpate — [v] forgive absolve, acquit, amnesty, clear, condone, discharge, disculpate, dismiss, excuse, exonerate, explain, free, justify, let off*, pardon, rationalize, release, remit, vindicate, wipe slate clean*; concepts 10,127,317 Ant. blame, condemn …   New thesaurus

  • exculpate — ► VERB formal ▪ show or declare to be not guilty of wrongdoing. DERIVATIVES exculpation noun exculpatory adjective. ORIGIN Latin exculpare free from blame …   English terms dictionary

  • exculpate — [eks′kəl pāt΄, iks′kul′pāt] vt. exculpated, exculpating [< L ex, out + culpatus, pp. of culpare, to blame < culpa, fault] to free from blame; declare or prove guiltless exculpable [ik skul′pə bəl] adj. exculpation n. exculpatory adj …   English World dictionary

  • exculpate — transitive verb ( pated; pating) Etymology: Medieval Latin exculpatus, past participle of exculpare, from Latin ex + culpa blame Date: circa 1681 to clear from alleged fault or guilt • exculpation noun Synonyms: exculpate, absolve, exonerate,… …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • exculpate — v. (formal) (D; tr.) to exculpate from * * * [ ekskʌlpeɪt] (formal) (D; tr.) to exculpate from …   Combinatory dictionary

  • exculpate — UK [ˈekskʌlpeɪt] / US [ˈekskʌlˌpeɪt] verb [transitive] Word forms exculpate : present tense I/you/we/they exculpate he/she/it exculpates present participle exculpating past tense exculpated past participle exculpated very formal to prove that… …   English dictionary

  • exculpate — exculpable /ik skul peuh beuhl/, adj. exculpation, n. /ek skul payt , ik skul payt/, v.t., exculpated, exculpating. to clear from a charge of guilt or fault; free from blame; vindicate. [1650 60; < L exculpatus freed from blame, equiv. to ex EX 1 …   Universalium